The benefits of using IVS Labs:

The IVS Labs Timber Preservation Testing and Preservative Solution Testing service delivers:

  • Fast, Accurate test results combined with an easy-to-read Compliance Certificate.
  • An Online Timber Portal to easily submit, track and view your timber test results and reports.
  • A consistent turnaround time of less than seven days (from receipt of sample) minimises disruption to your process supply chain.
  • No hidden extra costs - sample preparation, heartwood, sapwood and penetration spot tests are all inclusive.
  • Local advice and support on hand from our team of timber experts.
  • Specialist knowledge of timber treatment standards and their interpretation.


Timber is the ultimate renewable product – it is natural, reusable, recyclable and sustainable. It is also the preferred product of the housing construction industry however, it needs to be fit for purpose. 

Standards Australia recently released the updated AS/NZS1604: 2021 to ensure treated timber meets the appropriate standard. IVS Labs Australia, has one important focus – working with treatment plants to ensure fast, accurate, cost effective results with a trusted Compliance statement. Timber Preservative Testing – it’s what we do!

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