Timber Testing. It’s what we do.

Prompt turnaround and accurate reporting of submitted timber and preservative samples are recognised as critical requirements for timber preservation treatment providers.

Results can be viewed in real time on IVS’ online Timber Portal, so plant operators can accurately calibrate their preservative treatments to minimise chemical overuse and cost and ensure that their timber meets the hazard class chemical retention requirements. 

Timber preservation retention testing allows the treatment plant operator to:

  • Identify and address issues quickly.
  • Save money by not over-treating product
  • Save money, time and manage risk by promptly removing under treated product from the supply chain..

Local Testing at RTH Scientific Services

IVS Labs have been working with RTH Scientific Services for almost 10 years. Our partnership ensures your samples are tested locally and promptly. With Kent Fanning, PhD Analytical Chemist at the helm, timber testing is also “what they do”.

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Sample delivery address:
7/5 Belconnen Crescent 
QLD 4500

Preservative Testing currently available:

  • Bifenthrin (envelope and glueline)
  • LOSP and waterbourne Azoles (tebuconazole, propiconazole, including permethrin)
  • Permethrin only
  • Copper Azole
  • ACQ (Copper and DDAC / DDAX)*
  • Imidacloprid 
  • Permethrin 
  • CCA Borings / Plugs / Cross Sections*
  • Copper only
  • Boron
  • Preservative Solution Testing

Analysis is available for the full spectrum of wood products covered by the AS/NZS1604 series. Penetration, density and moisture content testing is also available. We can also provide testing for CodeMark Certifications and other Performance Solution.

* These tests are not currently available in Australia and will incur a courier fee to send to IVS Labs NZ for testing.

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